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1. What are the benefits of being on Automatic Bank Draft?
2. Who can sign up for Automatic Bank Draft?
3. How much is the fee to be on Automatic Bank Draft?
4. When will my Automatic Bank Draft start?
5. Will I continue to receive a bill?
6. How will I know when the money will be taken out of my account?
7. Can I select the date to have my payment taken out of my account?
8. What if I don't have money in my account on the draft date?
9. Can I specify how much you can draft from my account?
10. What if I change financial institutions (bank, savings and loan, credit union)?
11. Can I pay from my savings or credit union account rather than a checking account?
12. What if I move to another address in Garland?
13. The utility account is not in my name. Can I still pay from my bank account?
14. What if I have more than one utility account?
15. Can I continue to contribute to the Provide Aid in Dollars (P.A.I.D.) Program?