Who performs the investigation?

Internal Audit will investigate fraud. Fraud is an intentional or deliberate act of deception to gain an advantage. As a general rule, the City Manager’s Office investigates allegations of waste and abuse.

Reports of management abuse or other potentially inappropriate activities, including safety issues, substance abuse, sexual harassment, etc. (for a more complete list, please refer to City Directive Administration 8: Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Policy (FWA)) may be referred to other departments, including code compliance, Human Resources (HR), and/or senior management, as appropriate.

The Internal Audit Department will perform a preliminary investigation. The FWA Coordination Committee will coordinate and make decisions on how the cause will be investigated and what the course of action will be. This committee includes:

  • Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • City Attorney
  • City Auditor
  • City Manager
  • Senior Managing Director of Human Resources

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