Commercial Pool, Spa, & PIWF Information


The City of Garland will be adopting the Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Subchapters L & M Pool, Spa, and Public Interactive Water Feature Regulations.   These changes will be enforced during the 2024 pool season. 

Public swimming pools, spas, and splash pads can spread disease if they are not properly maintained. Clear, blue water does not mean safe water, as bacteria cannot be seen. The Garland Environmental Health Department's inspection program inspects all commercial pools, spas, and splash pads to ensure the Facility Pool Operator is keeping the water free from bacteria and keeping the facility safe for the public. 

A picture of Garland Health Department Pool Inspectors


PIWF stands for Public Interactive Water Feature and applies to facilities such as spray parks, spray pads, or any spraying water feature intended for play. Spray pads have two layers of safety when it comes to keeping bacteria out of water. 

Children playing in spraying water.

6 steps to Getting a permit

Each commercial swimming pool, spa, and PIWF must obtain a valid permit to operate in the City of Garland. All permits expire March 1st of each year. 

STEP 1: Complete an application: Pool, Spa, PIWF Permit Application (PDF)

STEP 2: Pay the permit fee in person, by mail, or over the phone.

STEP 3: Have a licensed electrician complete your electrical inspection using this form: Electrical Checklist 

STEP 4: Provide a Certified Pool Operator. 

STEP 5: Schedule your inspection with the Garland Environmental Health Department. (It is strongly recommended to schedule your pool inspection at least one month prior to your intended open date) 

STEP 6: Pass your inspection by having no violations or correcting all violations and receive your permit. 

Certified pool operator (CPO) INFORMATION

All pools/spas/PIWFs must be maintained under the supervision and direction of a properly trained and certified operator that has completed one of the following courses:  

This person may be over multiple pools and does not need to be on-site, but must be available to on-site staff.  

Permit fee for each pool or spa is $300. Permit fees are waived for HOAs. 

After inspection, if any violations remain uncorrected, the first follow-up inspection will be performed at no cost. Any subsequent follow-up inspections will result in the assessment of a $25 fee per follow-up inspection. 

The follow-up inspection fee must be paid prior to recheck inspection being conducted. 

When an initial evaluation reveals that no violations exist, $25 will be credited toward the next annual permit fee.


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